Roman Bürki (28) missing the good old times. The time, as the Fans cheer after a goal still left out, and their euphoria could run free. “The jubilee is no longer the same as before,” Bürki in an Interview with “” disappointed.

blame the video evidence was. “Today, you to hype, and then you get disappointed again, because it is decided that the door must be checked by video proof for that.” Although the Swiss goalkeeper of Borussia Dortmund recognises that the introduction of the Video Assistant Referees (VAR), the Fairness could be increased, he finds it strange that the people waiting to get in the habit of, before you can get started with the celebrations. He would therefore welcome a solution that brings back the unrestrained euphoria in the football stadiums. “Sometimes hard, …”

But it is for the lateral thinker Bürki is still not done. It also calls for a basic rule of reform in terms of substitutions. Three substitutions in 90 minutes would be too little. By these unnecessary rules, many players would be deprived of precious time.

Bürki: “It is sometimes very hard to, if a player was two Times in a row, but no time to get.” Unlimited substitutions would solve this Problem and yet the morale of the individual players considerably increase. (jk)