Olga Buzova for the fourth time posed for the cover of Playboy magazine, according to “Express Gazeta”. Fans of the star noted that she suddenly grew Breasts.


The journalists recalled that the first leading “House-2” graced the cover of Playboy in 2006, when I was a participant of the TV project. Then, a girl made Alena Vodonaeva and Victoria Karaseva. Four years later, Buzova took part in individual photo sessions. Another time the singer had to undress in 2018.

“No one helped her”: the details of the incident at the concert Buzova

Another shot for the popular men’s magazine took place in the year 2020. Buzova appeared on the cover of the magazine for July-August. One of the main photos where she poses in underwear, covering chest men’s shirt, a girl posted on his page in Instagram. Subscribers reacted to the. Some quip like, when it’s Buzova managed to grow Breasts. It is noteworthy that the TV presenter in an interview has repeatedly noted that is the owner of the first size, but the shape of her suit, and under the surgeon’s knife, she is not going to go.