In August, Forbes magazine made a rating of the most successful young Russian star. The list was then headed by fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov, who earned for the year of 11.5 million dollars, the second place was Olga Buzova with an income of almost 4.5 million. The publication of his study took into account the number of mentions in the media and on the Internet, the level of subscribers in social networks and income.

It seems that in the next ranking star “House-2” has a real chance to oust his rival. At least, in relation to the subscribers. Just a few months Buzova were able to increase their number in Instagram for a few million. In August she was about 16 million followers in January to 19 million, and now $ 21 million. Habib Nurmagomedov at the moment there are 19.8 million subscribers.

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“It’s almost two or twenty of Omsk, five Los Angeles or ten of Paris, three Bulgaria and two in Portugal. You and entire cities and even countries!” – boasted star in your account.