US President Donald Trump is interested in according to his economic adviser is actually a purchase of Greenland. The President knows well-with real estate purchases and “wants to look at it,” said Larry Kudlow on Sunday on the news station Fox News.

He did not want to speculate where this will lead, but Greenland was strategically important. “You have many valuable minerals,” said Kudlow. But of course Greenland belong to the Nato Partner Denmark, he added.

Greenland, for US to be strategically interesting

Greenland and Denmark have rejected the idea of a sale. The White house had not commented so far, Reports that Trump’s interest in Greenland is expressed to have. The reports on Thursday suggested Trump had instructed consultants to consider the purchase of the Danish Kingdom, belonging to the Autonomous Arctic island.

be How serious the intentions, was self-for its employees is unclear, it was said more. Trump, the real estate entrepreneur rich, will visit the beginning of September, Denmark.

For Washington, could be Greenland because of its location in the Arctic, close to Russia and because of there of suspected mineral resources are strategically important. The United States, there is a base a air force. Greenland, with its 56 000 inhabitants is about six times as big as Germany, a large covered part of the floor of ice. (SDA/wheel)