The Coronavirus to our country to a standstill and forcing us to stay in your own four walls. Many are plagued by existential fears for the future. And yet, life goes on, even if heavily restricted. Trying to arrange and re-align approximately with the home office and phone or Skype conferences. The Internet and digitization make it possible, that we can disappear completely in Isolation.

This makes use of now the auto industry. Although the Coronavirus is currently the most complete car production in Europe and America to a halt and all selling spaces are closed (only workshops are open), is trying to maintain the industry’s trade. The new car sales rooms will be moved to the short hand on the Internet. The Garage operations of Amag for a rise, for example, with a newly developed Website in the online trade.

About 6000 cars a choice of

, A sales portal for the Amag brands Audi, Bentley, Seat, Skoda, VW and VW commercial vehicles offers the customer a new shopping experience – including a personal Online advice, buying a car and trade-in, insurance, and financing options. Specifically, the largest car Showroom, Switzerland, presented online over 6000 cars that can be looked on the images in detail and purchased. Questions on scuba diving, can unlock the customer via the integrated Chat-function to a consultant. Of course, an old car can sell or trade. Even the conclusion of an insurance or a leasing contract for the financing online. On request, over the Internet purchased car will be delivered directly to the customer. Convenient as it gets.

No direct payment procedure

However, as easy as it is today buys a Laptop on the Internet – select ‘ into the virtual shopping cart and pay by credit card – will not work on the Internet-buying a car in the Amag then. It looks for the desired vehicle and then presses the “buy Now”Button. Then you have to register and e-mail address and password. In addition to the Amag many more import, however, offer to your, the Emil Frey group, similar opportunities in the network. Also there you can see on new vehicles – and in the case of interest in buying via the Chat Button in contact with the sales consultants to record. And the Swiss retail list Otto’s has been offering for the past 14 years vehicles per site. Also there will be photos of the advertised New and used cars. In case of purchase interest, you will be deposited online in the phone number.

Corona donation when purchasing tickets online

Auto Kunz from Wohlen AG continues to claim the largest Online vehicle quote. Kunz makes all of its vehicles offered in-house Studio to photograph; they are sold under Advice there from the seller via video telephony. During the Corona-crisis gives CEO Roger Kunz per car purchased, until the end of April 2020 at him online, 300 francs to the Swiss national science Foundation (SNSF) in favor of the Corona research. How many cars he has already sold more digital, does not want to Kunz betrayed.

Many currently have other Worries than buying a new car. On the other hand, Who is instructed after an accident or Defect of a sudden on a new car, you can switch to Online trading. To smell even if the emotional experience, the car handle and drive especially sample, is missing.