From October 1, in Russia comes into effect a rule requiring the mandatory labeling of perfumes. From this date all the information on the movement of perfumes and toilet waters in electronic format will flow into the national system for marking the “Honest sign”, which operator is CRPT. Now it was more than 3,7 thousand companies.

On the products packaging or label – applied to a special Data Matrix codes. The code consists of a plurality of digital symbols for each item it is individual. Thanks to him, customers will be able to “decode” all the information about the perfume. It is possible with the help of mobile applications “Honest sign”. Both will be able to obtain all the necessary information and to protect against forgery. After scanning the code the application will open the data on place and date of production, product performance. If the data code, the application will not appear, the goods with high probability it is fake. You can check this, ask the seller a package of documents for the goods.

when Ordering perfume in Internet stores, the experts of the “Honest sign” recommended to compare prices to those listed for similar products on the official websites of manufacturers – Russian and foreign. If the cost is lower by a third or more, then most likely, the spirits are “gray”. That is imported illegally and do not have a Declaration of conformity. The price difference should not vary by more than 15%.

to Focus only on the visual appeal and the similarity of the vial that was previously purchased, the experts advise. To distinguish a fake is often possible only after laboratory examination. So order perfume better in large networks – less risk of running into fake.

And yet there are several points on which it is possible to determine an illegal product. After opening the package, please note on the bottle: the cap should fit snugly, and the tube that is responsible for making the perfume, must be absolutely empty. Any irregularities in the bottle, curve label, drops on the spray – all this may indicate the forgery.

In case of doubt, the goods can be returned back to the store. To make it real, but you will need proof of purchase and a special examination. If it determines that the goods are fake, the money store should return.

Marking of perfume products manufactured and imported into Russia will become mandatory from 1 October 2020. Implement the unmarked trade balances, which were in the territory before 1 October this year, will have until September 30, 2021-th.