I wanted to do for a long time. And I’ve always wanted to say: “I didn’t want to pay.” To consume something and not pay for it. In my mind, I’m going to count from ten down, throw a chair, and pike out of the economy. All of a sudden I can race like Secretariat. Secretariat was one of the fastest racehorses of all time. His nickname was “Big Red,” his mother, something Royal, was the name of the father Princequillo be. In the fall of 1989, he was euthanized after he had won all of the races and a lot of money is introduced, due to a Hufkrankheit. So as soon as Secretariat, I would run.

But for me it was not so. It was unspectacular. I stood in a flower shop, and left me Pretty put together, as I remembered that I had no wallet in the process. I was nervous and practiced my excuse Text. I reckoned that I dalasse the flowers. But no. I could pay another Time. I wrote down a Name and number, thanked me, 1786-time and adopted me.

It took weeks. In this time I forget to open account most of the time. But sometimes, I’m honest, occurred to me. Then I had a bad Conscience and the thought, go there, tortured me miserably. I pushed on it. It was getting worse and worse. And the scale showed me in my procrastination.

Recently I had a missed call. There is the flower business. My Conscience was still miserable. So I went on this day, just before closing. I apologized 1786-time. The nice lady said: “I called you only because I wanted to ask if I should send you a paying-in slip. Some people have, the better.” Some People? Some people just pay immediately. The feeling, as I flowers grabbed the 25 francs settled and is still a hearty meal on top of it, was incredibly liberating. As always, if you have something done Deferred.

I got the bill, Yes, not really bruised, is it? So I can’t even have to pay a bill and run away. As fast as Secretariat.