is the absence of ringing The big Cash at the Swiss butchers in the next year. The Swiss meat Association (SFF) and the butchery staff Association of Switzerland (MPV) are, in fact, agreed that 2020 is no wage recorded conversations. The two announced in a joint press release on Friday.

“We are currently Negotiating the new collective employment contract, valid from 2021,” says Giusy Meschi (57), managing Director of the MPV to VIEW. She is optimistic: “Already this year we have obtained an increase in the minimum wage of 150 francs. We are on the right path.”

butcher’s earn neat

Swiss butchers have to be so for the time being with their current wages. Since January of 2019 a month for all the skilled butchers of the minimum wage of 4200 francs gross. In fact, you can earn significantly more. The independent Portal wage writes of an average gross wage of 4780 francs per month.

pay comes to a similar value. 4800 Swiss francs, the Median of the gross salaries, according to the Website is. This means that it deserves a half more than this value, the other less.

the interesting thing here is: In the Canton of Schwyz, the butchers in Switzerland to earn far the best. Proud 5500 Swiss francs gross, there are per month.

Many in the profession

For Christian Rogenmoser (42), managing Director of butchers Moser ROE in Baar, Canton Zug and Küssnacht SZ, is clear: “most of The butchers earn substantially more than the minimum wage pretending to be.” This was mainly due to developments within the profession. On average, he pays his employees more than 5000 Swiss francs per month. Especially the experienced staff make the high wages.

But Rogen Moser raises the Warnfinger: “High wages and good quality have their price.” You should not be surprised then, if you pay in this country for a chop more than abroad (VIEW reported). In the end it is the Consumer who pays the bill.

The meat industry is facing a number of challenges. SFF-Director Ruedi Hadorn (55): “in Addition to the shopping tourism in areas close to its borders abroad, and the persistent and massive margin pressure from the lack of young talent ready, especially along with the shortage of skilled workers difficulties.” If there is a further wage increase is not sufficient to make the profession – especially for Young attractive?

The apprentice wages of budding meat men/women based in the first year of the apprenticeship, to 900 francs per month. In the second year of the gross wage rises to 75 francs. About 1100 francs per month in the third and final year of training.

“is It the butcher from passion”

“Not only the money is essential”, is a butcher Rogenmoser convinced. Also, opportunities for advancement, and the butcher’s Image in the society would play a role. But he maintains: “It is a butcher out of Conviction and not out of financial reasons.” to be

the butcher is something for really die-hard.