the Duchess Meghan (37), participated in the state Banquet on the occasion of the visit of the US President Donald Trump (72) and his wife Melania Trump (49). But they took part, according to “Ok magazine” to a Meeting in a more private frame of a tea-Party organised by Prince Charles (70).

Meghan Melania Trumps gift

rejects the First Lady Melania Trump the freshly baked mom a gift for Baby Archie (born on 6 should. May) have passed. Meghan will this have, however, rejected. “You gave them the gift back, shows incredible ingratitude and lack of class”, beefed up a Royal Insider to the “Star”magazine.

Prince Harry is Meghans behavior embarrassing

Meghans behavior have brought her husband Prince Harry (34) in fix. “It is so embarrassing, he is speechless,” says the source. Further it is said: “He could not believe what was happening around him, and to be in the midst of this whole mess, was just awful for him.”

Earlier, Meghan refused to meet the US President at the state Banquet. Officially, because it is still in the protection of the Mother and Baby Archie wool take care of, unofficially, it was rumored that she did not want to participate because she is a feminist, and with Donald trump’s politics did not agree. The US President described the Duchess as “evil”. (euc)