Businessmen will not be able to bring under article of the criminal community

a Legislative initiative to eliminate one of the toughest on today leverage over merchants. The document is called “excessive criminal-legal regulation in the sphere of economic relations”.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/RG the state Duma introduces criminal penalties for the vandalism at the memorial

the Article, which refers to the creation of a criminal community, now in business that you know almost everything. The article is one of the most severe, judging by the timing and number of zeros in the number of fines.

a Prisoner of one of colonies of the Tver Beck Shurgaya worked as a head of a commercial firm exactly 4 months. About it in edition “RG” wrote his parents. A man returning from years of overseas travel, not really time to enjoy, that quickly found a home a good job when he was offered the position of head of the commercial organization. He actually started the job when he and the chief accountant of the company was detained. The business owner is not found or not searched. But the Director and accountant was accused of creating a criminal Association, gave a mind-blowing time and was sent to jail. Exactly in that position today, hundreds, if not thousands of merchants. Responsible for the organization of criminal community and participation in it has appeared in our Criminal code in 1996. The reason for the appearance was clear – had something to do with bred organized crime. It is believed that the article 210 of the criminal code – was supposed to help. After all, it was possible to prosecute the crime bosses, who are themselves not personally robbed and killed, but was run by them. The article came out hard for the creation of a criminal community prescribed punishment in the form of ae imprisonment from 12 to 20 years and a fine of up to 5 million rubles. For participation in organized crime – from 7 to 10 years with a fine of up to 3 million. But if a person was present at the meeting of community organizers, it was based on the same terms as for the creation organization, only with the penalty to one million rubles.

Under article 210 of the criminal code are not subject to the founders, members, managers, employees, legal entities

Judge under article 210 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation, other organizations became possible after 2009. Then, in the criminal code was amended in accordance with the Convention against transnational organized crime, which adopted in new York in 2000. Since that time, the main feature of the OPS was not the “cohesion”, as it was before, and “structure” .

a Reasonable risk that investors will protect from prosecution

a Business under the amendment went very well. Any organization business structure really began to “put” in this definition. Criminal cases against businessmen from that moment began to multiply at an unprecedented rate.

Now under the scope of this article are not subject to the founders, participants, managers, members of management bodies and employees of legal entities or their structural subdivisions. With the exception of cases, when a business organization or its structural unit was deliberately created to commit grave or especially grave crimes.