in The case of Nidal B. in the headlines: in Front of a whorehouse in Germany, the 23-year-old torched his Ferrari 458 Italia to the value of 300’000 Swiss francs. The Swiss millionaire’s son wants to collect the insurance money. The authorities can come to him but to the bottom of this. 2015 B. is condemned by the Augsburg district court to 22 months on probation.

In prison, he is not sat as yet – although it is advertised in Germany for investigation. The possible reason: He was, apparently, pass in the possession of a diplomat. Such would make him for the authorities, to a certain extent inviolable. Issued the document, but not about Switzerland, but the West African small state of Guinea-Bissau.

One of the such diplomatic passports selling, is the shady business man Stephan Welk (51) from Germany. Welk is the man who helped last year also Boris Becker to his Position as attache for Sport and cultural Affairs in the Central African Republic. “Diplomatic honor for me!” tweeted Becker, at the time, and posted a picture. To see he is together with Welk, and the Ambassador of the Central African Republic. As the “mirror” reported, Becker for the diplomats paid Post but not a single mention of rapping and wants to know, of the history, nothing more.

anti-corruption Department is investigating Welk

on the Internet, the 51-year-old Welk presents itself as a Professor of international law and diplomacy, the African governments as a special Advisor to the side. As the “mirror” writes, must wait on his business, but at the moment. Welk is located since the end of August in custody. The background is a method in which the anti-corruption Department of the Prosecutor’s office 1 in Munich (D) determined is. Specifically, it is to be issued diplomatic passports diplomatic and service passports penniless States introduced. The suspicion: For the papers to be a six-digit sums of money flowed.

The Flogging of diplomatic documents of the foreign countries Germany is already preparing longer Worry. With such papers, Criminals could try to pass unnoticed country’s borders, and to evade police checks or an arrest. The diplomatic immunity apply only when the Diplomat is also, as such, is accredited in the practice, the Presentation of a diplomatic passport, but solely on some of the police officers impression.

The investigations against Welk are still at the beginning. Soon, however, the first witness could be heard, such as, for example, Boris Becker. This had to realize that him not being able to protect the diplomatic passport from Africa ahead of his Debt collectors. Welk is not available for the first Time in conflict with the law. In 2003, a Hamburg court sentenced him to imprisonment for a term of four years, among other things, for fraud in connection with dubious real estate transactions.

problem is the case of Guinea-Bissau

In the past years, have been appointed a number of German alleged to have advisors and diplomats of African countries – at the heart of the small state of Guinea is Bissau. In the German Federal foreign office Guinea is Bissau a long time as a problem case. The government of the African heads of state exhibited, for example, a convicted fraudster and a Boxer with a jail experience of diplomatic passports. The documents have titles such as “economic Advisor” or “Head of Security”.

In the case of Guinea-Bissau, the German officials quickly became suspicious. Regularly, the police, traffic offences and other regulations pending-namely, the adversity, the diplomats of the African country were involved. Often, it was German citizens, the vorwiesen your diplomatic passport, – none of them had been accredited as a Diplomat. (bra)

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Guinea-Bissau is a country in West Africa with around 1.8 million inhabitants. The country borders on Senegal and Guinea. In terms of area, it is almost as large as Switzerland. The country is marked by corruption, money laundering and political instability. In the past 20 years, the small Nation has experienced pranks several state, the assassination of a President and even a civil war.

For the drug trade between South America and Europe, Guinea is Bissau as a major hub. Observers even call it Africa’s first Narco-State. In the development index of the United Nations, the former Portuguese colony occupied one of the last places. Guinea-Bissau is also one of the most corrupt countries in the world. In the corruption perception index of Transparency International, as of 2018, it was ranked 172 out of 180 countries – a place worse than the year before.