“If previously our couriers carried bags and boxes, now deliver to customers a huge box, – said Alexey Fedorov, co-owner and managing partner of group of companies “220 Volts”. – The most skilled couriers do 70 deliveries per day. Recruited everyone I could, built a relationship with the taxi drivers. But we do not need cars, and trucks, which in a few.”

As he noted, buyers accustomed to the regime of self-isolation. So all we are waiting for delivery to your door. When this difficulty with contactless payment. The courier from your device is ready to send the customer a payment link, but half the people push-button phones, and they just can’t use the virtual service.

“We can’t force the customer not to pay with cash – all payment methods are equal circulation on the territory of Russia, – continues Alexey Fedorov. – Although it is clear that the transfer of money is the most dangerous option. A Bank card also may be a carrier of coronavirus. And for secure contactless payment need a smartphone that is not at all”.

the Owners of the online stores offer greater use delivery the points of delivery of orders. They believe that this method is safe for buyers and could partly solve the problem of shortage of couriers.

“Now the growth of our volumes enough steroid once open physical stores, the flow will subside, warned colleagues Nikolay Voinov, General Director of the joint DPD in Russia and SPSR Express. – We are all tunable business and recruit people, but you have to be prepared for the fact that one would have to change it all back.”

Another big problem of Internet Commerce in each region has its own approaches to its regulation. According to Voinov, online shopping interfere with my work “the governors of the tyrants”. And only the intervention of Federal agencies and of industry and trade helps to overcome created on the ground of excessive artificial barriers.