For the automotive market, the year began well enough, but the impact of a pandemic not to feel he could not.

– In the first quarter of 2020 was sold 375 thousand new cars and 1 million 210 thousand cars, – the Director of analytical Agency “Avtostat” Sergey Tselikov. This is more than in the same period last year, but the expert says that these figures are from a past life, and predicts a decrease of sales from 70 percent to 90 percent.

– a Small “consolation” of all this “Apocalypse” may be the development of IT-technologies and the emergence of dealers in the new digital format, – says Sergey Tselikov. – Most likely, they will appear in the alliances with related industries (banks, classifide, retailers). Analogs can now be seen in America and Europe.

Already, there are online tools to assess the purity and value of the car, in the service of online check car by VIN number or license plate “Avtotek” you can find the history of maintenance and repair of the car, mileage information, being in the pledge, the fact of the use by commercial organizations, and more.

the Segment of online sales of cars gained popularity and without a crisis, so that these developments will not remain unclaimed. “We develop tools that help the buyer make the decision about buying a car online from the launch of Avito Auto, and the crisis only creates a greater demand for them, – said the head category Avito Cars Kirill Votyakov.

the Expert says: more and more dealers are moving to online sales, retrain employees, and invest in digital training. Pandemic and subsequent recession will change the market in one day, but the digitization will accelerate.

– Therefore, it is important for dealers to make maximum use of services and professional tools Avito Auto, as competition for customers online is increasing, and more and more decisions about the purchase of the car will be taken there. The crisis will have a negative impact on all sectors of the economy, but trading used cars is one of the segments with potential for quick recovery,” – said Kirill Votyakov.

By the way, the ceremony of the 6th national award “auto Dealer of the year 2020” AUTOSTAT and Avito Auto for the first time conducted an online – the market is changing, and its members took the challenge.

After a market in the new order of moves and the insurance sector: a growing number of electronic registrations and renewals of insurance policies and automobile insurance. During the first half of April the number of new policies e-insurance had increased in comparison with the average number of e-policies “avtograzhdanki”, received in March, 26 percent, said the President of the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI) Igor Yurgens.

the Number of unemployed could rise with 3.5 million people in 2019 to 8.2 – 9.1 million in 2020: this is the forecast of the Center for strategic research. According Avito Work in Russia the number of vacancies in April 2020 fell 19 percent compared with February.

– the labor Market is responsive to changes in society and the economy, says managing Director Avito Work Artem Kumpel. – Especially the decline in the sector, idle in April: tourism, fitness and beauty industry, personal services, restaurant business and entertainment.

marketing Director Kelly Serviсes Zhanna Volkova notes that among workers who lost their jobs, many who do not have a permanent employment contract with the employer. This means that they were not paid days off from their jobs for them is not preserved. In fact, these people were on the street. They will not be able to claim the “coronavirus” unemployment benefits, because most of them had no employment relationship with the employer up to 60 days in 2020.

But there are programs where employees are required more – this applies to most mass professions, which became more necessary in isolation. It in the first place, the couriers, the storekeeper, drivers, porters. In the coming months the situation will improve. A huge step forward during a pandemic did employment centers, starting a remote job. For example, data about the previous place of employment of the person, dismissal, salaries and so forth will now be specified not in the form of piles of references, which collects applicant, but directly between departments.

– Perhaps we will never return to the past way of life. Reduced office jobs, everyone who can, will work from home. There will be more distance, more attention to the health of employees. There will be new professions associated with ensuring health security, adds Zhanna Volkova.

the Pandemic spurred the development of digital services including for job search. For example, communication with employers now occurs mainly remotely – video services are experiencing a rebirth.

– to simplify and accelerate the job search for most job seekers, we have released assistant Avito Work – continues Artem Kumpel Is a bot which helps you find relevant jobs in a few clicks. It is available in the mobile app and website. A couple of simple questions and the candidate gets a few suitable vacancies. If the proposed options do not like it, you can ask to find even more suggestions.

the Quarantine will help the Russians to defeat the habit of spending weekends at shopping malls. Right now many people put in baskets as everyday goods and what has long been wanted, but the time it does not the gripAlo; getting the contact right on the doorstep, they experience emotions that can be described with the words “what, so it was possible?”.

Online sales of many consumer goods has increased several times. The President of the Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) Artem Sokolov believes that the volume of this market in Russia in 2020 could increase by almost 20% compared to last year and to reach 2.5 trillion rubles.

Retailers who had become Omni-channel and have their strong divisions of digital marketing, is now reaping the rewards of their investment and vision. Most from the current situation will benefit the marketplace and online retailers, through brand awareness and strong presence in online they will get the lion’s share of the attention of buyers. The marketplace can help small and medium-sized stores go through the quarantine period, – the analyst of the market research Institute GFK.

Working with Internet sites for small and medium businesses becoming more profitable. First, because the target audience – for example, on avito every day 10 million potential buyers. Secondly, the marketplace has communication with the delivery services in different regions and interaction with the Russian Post. The company placing the ad, have access to this service and the ability to send goods across the country.

Another important factor when choosing a place for the sale of goods is the safety of transactions. The Internet platform insures against fraud: the card buyer when making product frozen assets that are written off only after he confirms the purchase.

For a business that prior to the pandemic were presented only offline, it is important to quickly go to the Playground. On avito registration only takes a few minutes.

After April’s decline in activity in may, demand for apartments began to recover. For example, according to the service Avito Property, during the first week of may, the interest in studios and one-bedroom apartments increased by 14 and 19 percent, respectively. In April, the government approved the program of preferential mortgage at 6.5 percent per annum for the buyers of apartments in new buildings. This stimulated activity in the primary housing market, especially in the segment of economy-class and short yardage, which suits the conditions of the state program.

People continue to believe housing and commercial premises reliable method of investment, and therefore the decline in demand was short-lived, according to experts: the development of the market is U-shaped scenario. In General, the market in may, the interest of users increased by 46.7 percent compared with the lowest point falling at the beginning of April. Special attention of buyers and tenants of today are attracted to lightone single property – cottages and houses where you can comfortably isolate themselves during a pandemic.

Not wanting to stand in the crisis, some developers have started to conclude contracts online with digital signature. And some sellers give you the opportunity to see the apartment in virtual reality and remote views. For sellers who are willing to do it on avito real Estate has added the icon “Online-show”, according to him, potential buyers can understand that an object can be viewed remotely.

Official representative of “Group LSR” (developer # 2 in Russia) Alexander Zilbert believes that trust to many online services is likely to grow after the pandemic.

– And the notarization of the contract with the electronic signature, funds transfer through Internet-acquiring, and some other technological tools that have proven reliability in the mode of self-isolation, may become as commonplace as, for example, the remote registration of contracts in the Federal registration service, which recently could only dream of, he notes.

what apartment can be bought even in isolation, retains the interest in the objects placed on an electronic platform. To strengthen it, Avito real Estate introduced additional options: for example, the buyer for a nominal fee to receive a report on the inspection of the apartment without a visit to the MFC.

– Pandemic every day making large-scale changes in our plans, concludes the General Director of “Avito” Vladimir Truthful. – Many things seem strange, but in the context of uncertainty it becomes difficult to plan and develop the business, but we remain ready to help companies, businesses and users to continue to solve their problems.