land acquisition the most relevant for entrepreneurs who are on long term lease land built various buildings and structures. The procedure itself is simplified and does not require bidding. However, to buy land personal resources many lack. Banks based on the difference between cadastral and market cost, as a rule, deny the funding. This problem, according to the Ombudsman, is fixed in most Russian regions. To challenge this decision is usually a pointless exercise. “Documentary Bank’s refusal to loan is in the court of additional, but not an independent basis for revision of cadastral cost,” explained Dilbaryan.

According to the Ombudsman, the overestimation of the cadastral value of land can be equated to hidden taxation. To resolve the issue requires the adoption of legal acts, and at the level of regions. They should be spelled out the procedure and conditions of granting of delays, instalments of the contracts, the purchase and sale of land. To speed up the process, proposes the creation of a working group that will develop a package of proposals for changes in legislation. They plan to send to the Ministry of economic development and a number of relevant agencies. It is also proposed to create a special control Commission under the state structures – they will monitor the price changes in public rental and privatization of real estate objects.

last week, the business Ombudsman of Russia Boris Titov has sent the annual report to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The document presents updated data Registry system problems of the Russian business. It includes 335 problems, 116 of which are included in 2020. The problems are divided into spheres. So, according to experts of Institute of economy of growth they. Stolypin, it is necessary to change the approach to levying administrative fines on small and medium – sized businesses today, their size does not take into account the scale and revenue of the companies. As a result, the SMEs have to pay the same fines as larger businesses. Also review required and the criteria for SMEs – now takes into account the average number of employees.