This, presumably, is parked each and every one of us is already happening: In Germany, the wrong way, and now a Ticket stuck under the windshield wiper. Or the coaches know about to quick Travel in the holiday weeks until later, when you have been home. What to do? Play poker and hope that the buses goes abroad to forget – or better numbers?

says Ignore any solution

VIEW traffic expert Peter Förtsch: “do not Speculate in the foreign to take the right buses to go home, to forget you””. With an open-top bus to lands under the circumstances, in the register of Wanted persons, which can have a entry-lock for a row.” According to the Federal office of police (Fedpol) may be seized the vehicle the next time you stay in the country even until the fine is paid. Also be careful when Parking on public land: municipalities entrust often private companies, for them to be there due Parking fines to collect. And that is also in Switzerland.

Smaller buses, you must pay the abroad, in addition to quickly. So the minimum for buses is valid in Italy only if it is paid within 60 days. In France, there is a discount if the penalty is paid within 15 days. “The largest discounts for Express payer”, white-expert Förtsch, “giving Greece and Spain. There will be up to 50 percent discount.”

Förtsch warns: “you will Be confronted for a minor sin with a very high and outrageous-looking buses, you should ask for a Deposit slip and the buses for further investigations (legal protection) to send home to let.” However, this can have expensive consequences. Austria, for example, required for the criminal available up to three times more than on-the-spot.

So buses abroad are governed

other countries, Other customs. Who receives from abroad, a fine, and you don’t pay, you must reckon with the following consequences:

Very high late fees, in the case of non-payment. And against the buses can only be in writing to be levied on Italian opposition.

Switzerland and France mutual enforcement of an agreement, assistance in transport buses. Swiss authorities, seeking to French buses, and Vice versa. The necessary data are exchanged by means of the European Car and Driving License Information System (Eucaris), that all of the vehicle knows holder in Europe.

thanks to an agreement data on the vehicle and the Handlebars, on Request, between Germany and Switzerland can be exchanged.

Both States have concluded an agreement with Switzerland over the road buses and exchange track side to their collection.

those Who ignore Dutch buses, you must expect late fees, and especially to an entry in the Dutch wanted list. In the determination of vehicle holders from the respective countries, the Netherlands and Switzerland work closely together.