For the season, the Federal operator plans to send in Ulan-Ude more than 1,700 tourists with Airbus A320. Flight program starts July 4 and runs until September 22. Departures scheduled from the airport Domodedovo.

“This is one of the measures to support domestic tourism in terms of restarts,” – said the Minister of tourism of Buryatia Maria Badmatsyrenova. Routes are most focused on the acquaintance with Baikal.

Five days you will spend on the shores of the great lakes. During a visit to the Eastern Baikal they will visit Goryachinsk, Gremyachinsk and Maksimau, will visit in the valley of the Barguzin, Chivyrkui Bay on the Ushkany Islands, the Peninsula Holy nose. In terms of trips in the southern direction – stay on the bases enkheluk and Dry with a visit to the Baikal state nature biosphere reserve.

the program of the tour includes the most interesting and significant places of tourist attraction in the country: its capital city of Ulan-Ude, Ivolginsky datsan, the village of Tarbagatay, where you can get acquainted with the culture of the semeiskie (old believers), as well as ethno-complexes “Steppe nomad”, which will be a dip in the Buryat way of life, traditions and cuisine.

the Head of Buryatia expressed willingness to subsidize the first group of tourists in order to maximize the comfort of their stay at all stages of the journey.

“It’s a big responsibility – said Alexey Tsydenov. It is necessary to organize a tour that people wanted to return. I understand that a lot depends on the budget. However, the low price consumers will remember for a while, but the bad service and impression forever. So to dump and doing poorly is simply unacceptable! Better will come just three people, but leave happy.”

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