in the Morning, a meeting in Bern, then a Meeting in Zurich, and in the evening, an extra layer, because of personal emergency: A SBB staff worked for weeks on twelve hours per day. Until he no longer could. An ambulance picked him up directly from work. Diagnosis: Burnout. The staffing at the SBB is acute, such as VIEWS reported.

Now, an Insider from the pack. “The colleague who had to be picked up by the ambulance, was a team leader,” says a Person with knowledge of the case. You want to remain anonymous. To is large the pressure in the SBB. Due to a “disastrous” Reorganisation of the team leaders had been forced to “slide over months double-layers. This stage was the all parent hierarchy is known”.

Largest reorganization since 1999

With the “disastrous” tag is meant to the program “development of passenger transport”. It is, according to SBB-veteran Toni haene (64) the largest reorganization of the passenger Division for 20 years. Hundreds of employees had to change the place of work. Affected employees in the areas of rolling stock, train crew and personnel classification and control system. They form the heart of the SBB. And they suffer the most under the tag.

The reorganization has, within months, changed the operating. With corresponding consequences. Frustrated employees have submitted the notice of termination. In certain Teams of massive under-stock. Dramatically, the Situation in the area of control and guidance signs, as two persons of the opposite VIEW. The mood is very low.

two weeks Ago, it came to the debate. The Meeting revealed, according to reports, the fundamental cracks between staff and Management. An employee said it was “like the Titanic on the way”. You’ve beat the leak. Since the reorganization, only water will be scooped, not sure.

Workshops after radical reconstruction

“As in the case of adjustments to the usual functioning of the processes initially ideal,” an SBB spokesperson. The management of the newly created unit train production was aware of it. “Therefore, Workshops with the affected employees to run and the guide, so that measures can be implemented.”

The confirm to SBB that it had come lately “to load peaks in the entire operations”. Daily more than 7000 trains would have to be planned. Due to major construction sites and extra trains, the expense was even higher. Against the representation that you willingly had an injury to the health of employees are taken into account, is fighting the rail but. In particular, in the case of the burned-out team leader. “Motivation and health of employees in the case of the SBB the highest priority.”