So it should give to the funds, a plexiglass protection against droplet infections, as well as a separate “distance control”. The photo terminals are temporarily closed, the Service will continue to run online. Toilets are no longer the customers, but the same applies to changing tables, and coffee machines. “For hygienic reasons, all of the testers to be removed from the sale premises,” added the company from Burgwedel. “Likewise, all of the test stations for electrical tooth be closed in the brush, and shaver/hair-cutter.” Rossmann has appealed to the customers, only for the own needs to buy. “Hamster purchases currently lead to the fact that the stocks in the stores in record time to run empty,” it said. “Everyone can help by adhering to the maximum quantities.” The company’s management thanked the employees for their commitment.

In some branches of the security forces to monitor, in the meantime, propagated the situation. “This support to beat both of the control of access, as well as the avoidance of waiting, as well as in the protection of our colleagues.” Of the locations but there were also “a lot of positive Feedback” to the behavior of the customers.