researchers at the Louisiana State University analyzed data collected from 2001 to 2009 on bulb eater and found something Astonishing: The lovers of these fruits are much healthier than their fellows, only rarely or bulbs never. So, weighed the persons examined is less. And the risk to be severely overweight, reduced them by 35 percent.

dietary fiber in pears help you lose weight

“The relationship between bulbs and a low weight is very exciting,” says study leader Carol O’neil. “We believe that the ballast substances are responsible.” With regards to sports and movement, there would be between the bulb-eaters and the Non-users no difference. This means that pears can help you lose weight or keep the weight.

Juicy and healthy

We could also see that people who access daily to a pear, feed, in principle, better than others. With the fruit they had done so much for their Vitamin C household. A pear, bringing to 24 percent of the daily requirement of fiber and has only 100 calories. More importantly, it contains 190 milligrams of potassium, which counteracts in turn, to high blood pressure.

One always speaks of the Apple, but the pear is even better and can keep the doctor really far away. Pears are valuable fruits, because their fat percentage is low and they contain a lot of minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

All good reasons to grab to now often times to the bulb. Who is it this easy fruit to boring for you, you can process it to a delicious Smoothie. (cm/gsc)

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