Bugatti has presented another version of Chiron – this time for

Firm Bugatti for many years, produces only one model – but it provides a huge number of variations and special versions. This time announced plans to build a total of 16 “Shirokov” on behalf of Pur Sport, specifically designed for involved drivers.

Hypercar has gone through many revisions, which affected not only his appearance, but also the chassis and even the monumental power unit. Sport Pur the Bugatti Chiron kept vosjmimetrovaya W16 with a “Quad” turbo 1 500 HP, but the cutoff of the motor is moved slightly upward by 200 rpm to 6,900 rpm. And giperkara recalibrated the transmission.

Engineers 15% closer gear ratios to sharpen the reaction of the hypercar on the accelerator. It has been alleged that 40% in comparison with the donor and improved elasticity. The “Chiron” peretryahnul suspension, changing the characteristics of the shock absorbers and installing stiffer springs on 65% stiffer on the front axle and 33% on the rear. Another difference Pur Sport – lightweight at 16 kg wheels with special rubber Bugatti Sport Cup 2 Michelin R development. “Shave” a few pounds allowed Titan brake mechanisms.

Titanium has become and exhaust system. In addition, hypercar got a new aerodynamic elements of carbon fiber including the front splitter and fixed rear wing with a width of almost 2 meters.

Production of “driving” Chiron Pur Sport will begin in the second half of the year. Sell the hypercar company Bugatti plans at a price of 3.2 million euros, a minimum of 236 million rubles.

Text: Avtovesti