Specifically, the order intake declined by 0.5 percent to 745 million Swiss francs, as the company announced on Thursday. Currency and acquisition effects excluded, was Minus 1.2 percent. Sales increased, however, by a good 14 per cent to 824 million significantly. Bucher has exceeded the expectations of analysts with the sales clear. The AWP consensus for the order intake amounted to 743 million Swiss francs and for the turnover of 771 million.

Bucher speaks with views of the first quarter, a development in line with expectations. The Trends that had emerged towards the end of 2018, would have continued in the current year. So I flattened the demand at a high level.

The sales benefited from the high level of the order backlog to the beginning of the year, with four of the five divisions sold more than in the same period of the previous year. A negative currency effect of 2 percent was offset by a positive acquisition effect.

divisions, is the largest in the market for agricultural machinery and equipment employed Kuhn group considered wore, with 350 million Swiss francs, with 42 per cent to group sales. The growth reached almost 12 percent. Order intake, however, fell by nearly 6 percent. Bucher noted in the first quarter of different developments in the individual markets. So the demand in the dairy and Livestock sector has remained at a stable level, the Agriculture due to low grain prices seen, however, the global claim.

From the trade dispute between the United States and China is affected by the Kuhn Group in the United States. In North America the investment-readiness of the farmers to be impacted by the Chinese punitive tariffs on U.S. agricultural products, as well as by a low income, it means. To extreme weather came to events in the middle West of the USA. With the development in Europe, the company, however, is satisfied, in particular thanks to a good demand in the important agricultural market of France and in the UK.

in the second-largest Division Hydraulics sales rose to 179 million, while order intake reached the level of the previous year. The normalization of the demand for hydraulic components have continued at a high level.

And in the Bucher Municipal Division, which municipal vehicles for the cleaning of streets, canals, or for winter service making, showed a similar picture. Sales climbed to 135 million in the two-digit percentage range, while the order intake was only brief.

The two smallest divisions Emhart Glass and Bucher Specials – the containers produced machines for the manufacture of glass, and the other, among other things, fruit presses for the production of wine or fruit juices – developed differently. Emhart Glass has grown by over a third and also recorded thanks to the Chinese subsidiary Sanjin an increase in order intake of close to 30 percent. In Bucher Specials, however, the paragraph came back with a slightly higher, order intake slightly.

The previous Outlook for the current fiscal year is confirmed. At the group level, the year had, in total, both sales and operating profit and net profit are expected to produce a result in line with the previous year, and means it.