the european championship finals in 2020 should have been the event that made Åge Hareide to a historic national coach for Denmark.

Had the Danish national team reached the quarter-finals, after having given the people a football feast, would Hareides four years on the sidelines as a big success.

But instead of the huge culmination, we are all standing together back with an unresolved feeling. In særdelshed Åge Hareide, who are not going to stand in the forefront of the national team at the european championship finals in 2021.

And thus we need to write nordmandens legacy without possible redemption.

Åge Hareide has been a good coach. It will be simply indecent to think the opposite, for we must remember that he took over a team in deep crisis.

A national team, who both missed the qualification for the WORLD cup in Brazil in 2014 and the european championship in France in 2016. In both cases, after some process, which left much to be desired. Do I need to remind 0-4 against Armenia in the Park?

The kind of svipsere there was only a single one of under Hareide, namely, the 0-1 at home against Montenegro in the autumn of 2016, but the defeat was of no importance in the end and can be categorized as a minor bump on the road.

In 42 matches under Hareide led Denmark only three defeats, all in his first year as coach. I repeat: IN forty-two matches.

Yes, so there was of course also the showdown against Croatia in ottendedelsfinalen at the WORLD cup in Russia. In landsholdsstatistikken is modelled as a draw because the position was 1-1 after 120 minutes, but for now, to say it this way: It felt damn like a defeat.

It was, also, for Croatia went ahead after a penalty shootout, and Denmark blurted out.

on the whole, the coming WORLD cup finals in 2018 to weigh heavily in the assessment of Åge Hareides time as national coach.

To reach to the knockoutfasen with a small country as Denmark is, by definition, a success, but in a historical context, it is actually not so unique. Sepp Piontek (1986), Bo Johansson (1998) and Morten Olsen (2002) the performance of all something similar.

Denmark has been in five WORLD cup finals and has progressed from the initial group, four of the corridors. Only in 2010, missed it.

in this way we arrive at the impression that the Danish national team left in the tournement, and here is Hareides 2018-team in a poor light.

1986-team enchanted the whole world, the 1998 team reached the quarterfinals after two epic matches against Nigeria and Brazil, while the 2002 team went on from an incredibly strong initial pool, where they even sent France’s reigning world champions out of the tournament.

In the comparison is 2018-the team weak. The game in the initial pool was so miserable, that action against the croats could not offset it.

I myself was in Russia during the entire tournament, and no one spoke about Denmark. And if they did, then it was only for Kasper Schmeichel.

In the further course solved the Norwegian pragmatist also the tasks he was asked. The national team moved up in the top layer in the Nations League, and landholdet qualified for the european championship finals in 2020. So check off all the objectives.

Now it is just Hareides curse, that he is up against an eerily strong field of Danish landstrænere, when he is to be compared with its predecessors.

In the last 40 years, Denmark, Denmark has only had FIVE landstrænere, which in itself is completely unique. And what five!

Richard Møller Nielsen and Sepp Piontek is both outside of the category. Sepp made the international breakthrough, while Richard Mills won the european championship in 1992.

Morten Olsen was the national coach of fifteen and a half years, and brought Denmark to the four finals, while Bo Johansson, as mentioned, made Denmark the best WORLD cup result ever. In the competition comes Åge Hareide to the map.

It could have been different if the Norwegian coach had been EM-the finals for the summer, but he did so unfortunately not.

Therefore he stands back with a beautiful, yet unfulfilled legacy.

Morten Bruun

Fodboldkommentator on the Espn channels. Danish champion and european champion once a long time ago. Former coach in the best League in Silkeborg, Jutland. In a lifelong love affair with English and international football.