Travel, Airline, Brussels Airlines is building for the next few days for her to completely break. On Friday, countries of the latest aircraft and, as of Saturday, all regular flights are suspended, and that is certainly, up to and including Sunday 19th april. That Brussels Airlines on Tuesday officially announced yet. For nearly all workers, full unemployment may be requested.

The most significant decision is, of course, has to do with the corona, a pandemic. The company refers to the negative travel advisory from Foreign Affairs, and that all the travelling would advise against it, and to vliegverboden in a number of other countries.

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As a responsible company, we have to make the decision to take our activities to a temporary halt,” says CEO Dieter Vranckx, in a press release. “This will allow us to mitigate the negative financial impact on our society down.”

in practice, it is completely in the next few days will be reduced. It is intended to be the last flight on Friday, the passengers and crew back home. As of Saturday, all regular flights are suspended, and certainly until the 19th of april. Brussels Airlines is a “minimum apron capacity to” stand-by ” for any repatriëringsvluchten.

Brussels Airlines is conducted earlier, more flexible, omboekingsopties for travelers. It may affect up to 1 in June to a new date and it to a new location.

For the vast majority of the staff, which began on Monday, in a system of up to 30% of temporary unemployment, it will be a full-unemployment is to be applied. There are a few exceptions, especially for those of you who have been with the repatriëringsvluchten, and the start-up of operations, usually from the 20th of april.

as in the airline industry as a whole will take the coronacrisis Brussels Airlines is a badly. The company confirmed that they are in discussion with the government about aid.In accordance with The then Brussels Airlines for € 200 million in aid from the federal government. With the cessation of the business of the company 70 million euro, a month cost. And also the EX-fly to Belgium would be at the government’s door, so chose The Time of day. On Monday all said the Air in Belgium, with the eu position that they have relief from the government, you will need to have.

Previously made, Austrian Airlines, sister company of Brussels Airlines within the Lufthansa group, has announced that all flights will be cancel, as of Wednesday night, and certainly up to and including the 28th of march.