The airline Brussels Airlines currently has 56 flights were scheduled to have more than 9.500 Belgians, to Brussels, to take. This, coming from 14 different countries, including the Gambia, Morocco, Spain, and Portugal.

Brussels Airlines to bring the Belgians back, due to the global coronacrisis and at the request of the Belgian authorities to take all Belgians are on holiday, to return home. “All the Belgians who are currently working in the foreign country and to Belgium and would like to return, please register to dewebsitevan of the ministry of Foreign Affairs,” according to the company.

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Previously announced by Brussels Airlines between march 21 and april 19, all of its service temporarily to be suspended. Up until Friday’s run, the society as a small part of its completely out of order despite her vluchtbemanningen to your home. In the following days, the company of airplanes ready for Belgians living abroad to return home, in co-operation with the ministry of Foreign Affairs. On Thursday, the first flights to land from Agadir and Marrakech in Morocco. These flights were each and every of the 180 passengers on board.

up To yesterday, had a 2.650 Belgians in Morocco, has signed up for This Online. Of them, there were 720 of them, with four charter flights operated by Brussels Airlines, which have already been scheduled. The Belgians in Morocco, that feedback would have to be extra flights to be inlaid, adds Arnaud Gaspart of Foreign Affairs. You can catch a Thursday, still a few flights from Agadir and Marrakech, you hear the sound of it.

Brussels Airlines is saying stand by for more repatriëringsvluchten, at the request of the british government. The society wishes to thank the staff for the benefit of mankind, voluntarily offered.

According to the chief executive officer of Brussels Airlines, Dieter Vranckx, the repatriations “of our duty as a responsible airline,” he said Thursday on the sidelines of detoelichting of the financial results for the year. ‘The repatriations have been the priority areas in the next few days, and then we are going to have to focus on the resumption of operations.”

who is the cost of the flight is carrying, will Vranckx, not much to lose. “There is an agreement between the us and the government, and that applies to both parties,” he said.

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