Around the globe, Regis drag your actor hat off to Bruno Ganz (†77), died on Saturday in Zurich at the consequences of his bowel cancer. The first concern has given way to the reverence and appreciation for the century-artists, worldwide and in Switzerland. “Bruno Ganz was one of the Great. From Switzerland, he has conquered the stages and screens of the world. One of his most impressive achievements he had with us in the Bernd Eichinger production “The downfall”. We will miss him very much,” says Basel-based film entrepreneur Bernhard Burgener (61) to VIEW.

“The sky over Berlin” made Overseas, known

international media and individuals falling over themselves with praise. “An angel is again risen,” writes, for example, the Hollywood industry magazine “Variety” in reference to the Whole’ starring role in “The sky over Berlin”, in which he played the angel Damiel. The Film of 1987, announced the Swiss Overseas and attracted offers from the USA. Also for the Oscars, the competent Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, under the leadership of John Bailey (76) has now sent a condolence note. Bailey describes as a “character actor of the first order” and a “most impressive people”.

Kate Winslet (43), with the to see the Whole of 2009 in “The reader” was, described him as “a role model for all of us” and said that they “can learn a lot from him”. On the edge of a Gala in the Evening, you expressed your deep depression from seizing. At the Bambi awards she was gone, in 2009 in the knees, the, then, gave the Eulogy.

the First to get a taste of the world of the giants

“The sky above Berlin” by Wim Wenders (73) was the door opener for very large requests. The German star Director, he had missed ten years earlier, in 1977, in “The American friend” to a Ripley-Thriller by Patricia Highsmith (1921-1995) the actual cinema start-up. Ganz’s former partner, Dennis Hopper (1936-2010) conveyed it to Franklin J. Schaffner (1920-1989), which occupied him a year later in “The Boys from Brazil” alongside Gregory Peck (1916-2003), Laurence Olivier (1907-1989) and James Mason (1909-1984) – a first Taster of the world of the giants.

had Started at a more leisurely pace, 1960, in the crime Comedy “The man with the black melon” by Karl Suter. The first notable role he played, two years later, as a middle-class game in Kurt. “It’s roof überem Chopf”. After that, he concentrated for 15 years on the theatre before him, Wenders finally for the cinema won.