Browser Apple Safari increased protection from surveillance

Apple is big updated Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) – the built-in Safari browser system, which prevents surveillance of the Internet activity. According to the engineer and developer of the Apple WebKit engine John Wilander, now the engine will block any third party cookies.

ITP appeared in Safari in 2017. This system is designed for blocking web-bugs that track the movement of users between sites.

As explained in Apple, the updated version of the ITP in the browser for iOS and macOS iPadOS 13.4 and 13.1 by default, blocks all third-party cookies, which greatly hampers the collection of digital prints by advertisers and other third parties. In other words, social network widget or embedded in the banner code now will not be able to know where the user came from. In addition, the new version of ITP complicates attacks associated with cross-site request forgery.

Safari has become the first in the market of large browser, banning any third-party cookies. Related to cookie exceptions allow even Brave, which last week recognized as the most sensitive viewer. Block Internet bugs plan and Google Chrome, but not earlier than 2022.

Apple has released a major update of its operating system today, March 25. What else is new there, you can find at this link.

Text: To.Hi-tech