The older brother of Turn-Superstar Simone Biles (22) is in police custody. Tevin Biles-Thomas (24) is suspected to have on new year’s eve 2018, the three people killed, reports in various U.S. media.

The police says, Biles-Thomas have a shot before midnight to a group of people after a new year’s party in a AirBnB apartment in Cleveland (USA), a dispute broke out. Two people had been injured by the shots also.

The 24-Year-old the death penalty

Still, it is investigated whether he was actually the triggerman. threatens So far, the authorities, according to the media, there is no other Suspect reports have found. In the case of a conviction Tevin Biles-Thomas is likely to face the death penalty.

After the shooting there was no trace of the perpetrator. A murder weapon was not able to find the police. The investigating state’s attorney O’malley told “” “thanks to the persistent work of the homicide division of the police Department of Cleveland, now a charge could be brought. We can now begin to leave the justice to the Victims.”

miracle gymnast Simone Biles

Tevins sister Simone Biles is the most successful gymnast of the modern era, and three-time world athlete of the year. In the Olympic Games you have won four Gold and one Bronze at the world Championships, almost 20 more medals were added yet.

she has not commented yet on the events. On Twitter she writes: “My feelings eat me. Don’t speak to me.”

Simone and Tevin have been in Ohio and her grandparents adopted grew up, because the mother is drug – and alcohol-dependent. In another Tweet Biles wrote two years ago about her brother: “Everyone says we look like twins – but we are not able to recognize it.” (vof)