Suddenly there came a bang during the second half of the Brøndby-the grandstand on the Right to Dream Park in Farum.

Spectators sat just not on the battens. They stood out in front.

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“It goes without saying that it is a wild dedication to what they love. The tagged we, when we met up. When, from time to time came the fireworks in the middle of the fight, so we knew that they are there for us,” said Brøndby-player Lasse Vigen after the tie result against FC Nordsjælland.

As all the other Superliga matches in march was the match played without spectators in the stadium because of the notorious coronavirus. However, it was the Brøndby-fans took to the Us to show support for their team.

“It is cool that they are with us all the way. Even on a day where they can’t be allowed to watch the match and still show their support. It is something we appreciate, and we hope that we can soon have them with us in the back again,” said Lasse Vigen.

the Experience was special for both players, stabsfolk and journalists who had turned up at an empty and hollow stadium, north of Copenhagen.

instead of being adorned with the singing and drumming was the match the sound of cries and screams from down the lane, and the experience was unfamiliar, said Lasse Vigen.

It was not actually the match itself, which was the most bizarre concept for Brøndbys midfielder, but rather the prelude. Here went the teams, among other past each other instead of giving the traditional handshake shortly before kick-off.

“It was a little strange. But I think really more that it was the most during the entire warm-up, and as we walked on to the field. When the match is in progress, so I think of course about it, but it fills less and less,” he stated.

Brøndby was in front of the two stages, against FC Nordsjælland, but the home team had fought back with the help of scores from Mikkel Damsgaard and Isaac Atanga.

At Brøndby came Anise Slimane for the first time on the measured breeding as seniorspiller, while Samuel Mraz also sent the ball into the box.

The tie result means that it is still only a point between Brøndby and FC Nordsjælland, respectively) is number four and five in the premier League.