A win more so should the top six be at home to Brøndby. It considers the blue-gules coach Niels Frederiksen, after his crew Sunday had beaten Lyngby 1-0.

“I think we need a win more, I’m not saying there needs 41 points to, but right now is the cut of over 40,” says Brøndby coach, and continues:

“But it might be, to Aalborg and Randers lose the rest of their matches, but right now it seems that there must be more points than there used to be, and it could well be 40,”says Niels Frederiksen, who together with his team has stripped down 38 points in the first 23 of the 26 matches in the base game.

Cheftræneren is pleased to Brøndby again got completely shut of at the rear, like the case was in forårspremieren against OB. In the last round got AaB scored three boxes on the Marvin Schwäbe.

“We have well known that we probably won’t have the same scoringsgennemsnit in the spring, as we had in the fall, it goes without saying, when we say goodbye to 70 percent of our goal (sales of Wilczek and Kaiser, red), so therefore we have had a greater focus on defending better as a team. It is we been better at that.”

What, he himself must become better, is by his own admission, to control his temper.

In november, he got quarantined to tilt a chair down in annoyance, and Sunday he got a yellow card by the referee, like take up considerable head coach Christian Nielsen, incidentally, did.

“I usually get a red card. I don’t know what happens. There were two yellow cards to the coaches today. I think that, that is committed a free kick in the middle of the pitch, and I think we have to have it, and so I turn about and come with an outbreak, and it was obviously enough to get a yellow card today.”

“I don’t say anything to the judge, I am not. I just have a anger,” he says, and do not believe that there awaits him a new quarantine, as when he had to attend the derby against FCK from the stands.

“I don’t believe It. Glen (Riddersholm, red.) has since scored eight yellow cards without getting quarantined. I don’t think I get it. I must control my temper, it is how it is,” concludes Niels Frederiksen.