the What is the bursting of the UPC Deal for consequences for the Sunrise customer?

Above all Sunrise customers with a bad Internet connection to look in the tube. You would have been able to benefit thanks to the Fusion from the faster UPC cable network. Up to now, a Sunrise, a rented in the network of Swisscom. “With the Deal, Sunrise would have purchased a private cable network and in about one-third of Swiss households has a monopoly for fast Internet services, which holds up to now, the UPC,” says Ralf Beyeler, telecoms expert at money to LOOK.

Has the Swisscom without serious rivals from now on an easy game?

According to Beyeler, do it for the Swisscom doesn’t make much difference who and how strong is the biggest competitor of Swisscom. “The past years have shown that Swisscom has a loyal clientele. Although a part of aggressive price battle was waged, has been able to position the Swisscom your market walls.” At the Moment, benefit of the Swisscom but from the fusion vortex, because Sunrise and UPC are more preoccupied with themselves than with the Telecom market.

Sunrise-in-chief Olaf Swantee (53) has promised consumers lower prices, if the UPC-a purchase comes. And now?

“The promise was just a SOP” Beyeler is sure. The Telecom expert explains: “I’m going to assume that the prices for the Fusion are likely to be increased, because fewer participants would have been in the market.” In today’s market structures with a number of smaller competitors, the competition is greater and prices are therefore lower. However, “Both at Sunrise as well as in the case of UPC, there was price increases,” says Beyeler.

Who pays for the expensive PR campaign from Sunrise to Fusion?

“of Course, Sunrise wear-customer costs,” says Beyeler. Even the Sunrise will you have to pay employees the bill for the expensive campaign. “Maybe this will also save the workers,” says the expert.

How it goes now with UPC?

the majority of the Sunrise had lifted shareholders due to a too high purchase price against the UPC Acquisition, also denies Beyeler. But he ventured a prediction: “Liberty Global is expected to split soon from UPC Switzerland.” Negotiations with foreign Telecom companies such as Vodafone or Deutsche Telekom may already be threaded.