I love to swim, something I try to get to as often as I can at a local fitness centre here in London, in between the busy job as a foreign correspondent for NRK.

Usually I have the pool almost to myself, but after christmas there has been chock full of people who want to get rid of some extra kilos after weeks of gluttony in good dinners and christmas pudding.

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It peaks on Wednesdays. Then dolls it up a horde of ladies in the aqua gym, and occupies most of the basin. They are all a bit up in years, and is of the type which runs out gently in the water without moisture the hair.

there is Nothing like to swim, especially at the same time as aqua aerobics-ladies, writes The London correspondent.

Photo: NRK

Old kontorsvette mixed with cheap perfume. Together with klorvannet creates a special soup for my strokes.

But some one must be able to withstand in a swimming pool, and vanntreningsdamene and I have the same goal: control of the weight. A well-trained kjekkas shouts out instructions about the stretch and flex and cloth and jump and bounce, while dunkdunk-music rock out in the swimming pool.

Chocolate and potato chips in matpakka

the British are now the most obese in Europe. The number of obese has doubled to 13 million in the last 20 years. Less than 4 million will have developed diabetes type 2. Many need medications, as it otherwise can be a great shortage if the ongoing brexit negotiations go skeis.

It is cheap and it is fat You need javascript to see the video.

We are coming from packed lunches-the country of Norway, can not avoid to notice the british something different lønsjvaner. A piece of limp, white loff cut into the triangle with the mayonnaise, cheese and ham, a piece of chocolate, biscuit and potato chips is a completely normal lønsjpakke to the school children here in The british isles.

After school, carrying it right into the aviskiosken with money burning in my pocket. The shelf with the small potetgullposer with salt and vinegar, and others are a little more unfamiliar flavors, is without exception the largest and longest in the shop.

A woman comes out of a sandwich shop in Manchester. The british are now the most obese population in Europe.

Photo: Paul Ellis / AFP

But matvanene turn out at the statistics. One of four children in the age group ten-eleven years are obese in the Uk now, and it talks about a crisis. It is slankeprogrammer on TV, and experts come with good advice to parents. The british have “snack-time”, and the council is to cut from five to three times a day. Three candy bars or crackers are, after all, better five.

Perri-perri chicken

Close by where I live, are the school children in the queue outside the fish – and-chips-sjappa every day after school. Most districts have a whole jungle of fast-food shops and in particular KFC-copies with names you’ve never heard of.

London-correspondent Øyvind Nyborg on the chicken-sjappe in Mile End in London.

Photo: Johan E. Bull / NRK

You get an easy a couple of kyllingklubber and a box of thin, light chips to the equivalent of 25 Norwegian kroner.

In a country where 6 to 9 million people live in families where the father or mother earn only 70-80 dollars an hour, so is chicken and chips with ketchup is a straightforward and cheap solution.

to remedy that, many public schools now introduced their own frokostklubber for children from the least privileged families. For some children, it is the getting there, the only healthy meal in the course of a day.

working-class phenomenon

Lavtlønte people in the old industribyer in the North and Mid-England, was in the shot like never before during the campaign before christmas. It was where the battle was to stand, and I traveled around and met with voters to make reports to the NRK.

For a Norwegian from an oil-lubricated countries where the difference between the director and the work is generally not all the world, one is struck by what must be called pure poverty. People I meet are stony in the skin, and by those who have the teeth, so are many visible brown.

No one is going to say that Boris Johnson is popular, as here in a potato chips factory in Northern Ireland during the campaign.

Photo: Daniel Leal-olivas / AFP

Malls in towns similar to most at the flea market with the sale of nips and cheap joggedresser and jackets. The contrast to for example the western side in London, where the people are thin, and in any case on the surface successful, is enormous.

the party’s solutions people had lost faith in. Boris Johnson’s message to get it completed brexit whatever the cost, went straight home, and he did an excellent election. Everything came to be so much better just they came out of the EU, said the people.

But now the campaign is over. Boris is safe in the statsministerstolen. He should get married and have children with the 31-year-old girlfriend, Carrie Symonds. People ask themselves now whether they will be forgotten by politicians who promised and promised.


Back to the training. Friday is the best day to train on. Then one has the center almost to himself. Friday is the actual day the british have the gear themselves up to throughout the week, and there is a pub and fish and chips-day number one.

Few or no drinking more than the british in the whole of the EU. A typical briton drinks 427 pints in a year. It is equivalent to 108 bottles of wine or nearly ten liters of pure alcohol.

the British are among those who drink all the most in Europe

Photo: Hannah Mckay / Reuters

the British have a tough working life, and on Friday, it might be good to get out a little together after a long work week. The pub is perhaps already the best with the united Kingdom. Here meet the young and the old. The atmosphere is friendly, and if you are coming alone, you will quite immediately offered a chair around a table, and people turn more than happy to chat with you.

Outside the Metro stations, they drink that does not come into the pub. Kortklipte boys chugging as best they can on the BMX-their bikes, while the girls in miniskirt and bar navel drink straight from the vinflaska.

Not a very beautiful sight, but it is something erkebritisk over this. It is the right and seen the way it is here, both in cities and in the country.

Many in the british population has a unhealthy lifestyle. Alcohol consumption is a health risk.


Suggest less glass

Rusforskerne have come up with a solution that will help the british people to a healthier lifestyle. They have seen that vinglassene has become larger and larger over the last 30 years and that the consumption has thus followed after.

But now a group of Cambridge researchers investigated the restaurant and found out that if the waiters rather less in each glass, then drink people up to ten per cent less.

We have entered into the month of march now. Slankehysteriet after the new year is soon over for this year. It starts luckily to be livable again at my local fitness centre.