it Looks incredible, but a bit scary.

In the County of Cornwall, on South West England is one of the oldest Botanical gardens in the country under the name the lost gardens of Heligan.

in Addition to the amazing gardens with plants from all over the world, ponds and historic buildings in the Botanical garden there is an unusual attraction — a living sculpture “virgin” by local artists sue and Pete hill.

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Figure lying on the ground girls is a hollow frame made of wood and windproof mesh, over a layer of clay and earth. The face of the “virgin” is made from a mixture of clay, cement and sand.

Living sculpture named not just. Her “body” covered with different plants, but because it changes its appearance depending on the season. For example, in the spring and summer, “a virgin” “alive” and gets long hair and a beautiful green dress from ivy.

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by the Way, there is in this Botanical garden and one like a living sculpture called “the Head of a giant”, which gives this place a mystery.

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