the British Queen first came to the public during the lockdown, appeared on the territory of Windsor castle. Windsor, notes The Guardian, a favourite residence of the 94-year-old Elizabeth II, who is a passionate lover of horses and a breeder of thoroughbred horses throughout his reign.

on Sunday she was photographed on one of the ponies, 14-year-old fell. Two pictures were posted on Twitter of Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen it was a multicolored scarf and the tweed jacket jodhpuri, white gloves and boots. The Queen clearly enjoyed the Sunny weather, said the commentators.

Recall that in the period of isolation the British Queen twice, which is very rare in Albion, appealed to his fellow citizens. In the first, which was in early April, she called upon the countrymen to remain calm during a pandemic, and the second congratulated them on the occasion of victory in world war II. It was just the fifth and sixth Queen’s televised address to the nation over the 68 years of her reign.