British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday rejected calls by opposition parties to sack senior adviser Dominic Cummings. Members of the British Cabinet also expressed support for the official. “His actions are consistent with recommendations for the coronavirus. Mr. Cummings believes that he was acting reasonably and lawfully,” the statement said Downing street. “I can tell you that the Prime Minister has to Mr. Cummings’s full support”, – told reporters the Minister of transport Britain Grant Shapps.

Downing street said that the Cummings at the end of March, made a trip to her parents in the town of Durham in Northern England, situated 400 miles from London to provide proper care for his four year old son, as his wife at the time was sick COVID-19. Also, officials noted, was a “high probability” that Cummings himself sick with coronavirus, Reuters reports. The government noted that “the actions of Cummings conformed to the guidelines against the coronavirus,” and said that the Guardian and Daily Mirror, which first reported this story, put forward the “false accusations”. “They write more inaccurate stories, including the allegation that Mr. Cummings is back in Durham after his return to work in Downing street on April 14, – said the representative of the British government. – We won’t waste our time responding to a stream of false statements about Mr. Cummings of the campaign Newspapers.” On Saturday, the Daily Mirror reported that Cummings made his second trip from London during the regime of isolation and were seen near Durham on April 19, a few days later after returning to London from his first trip.

“I behaved reasonably and legally,” said Sam Cummings to the journalists gathered outside his house and putting it on the fact that they must keep a distance of two meters from each other in accordance with the guiding “remote” principles of government. On the question of whether he will consider the question of his dismissal, he refused. Then he rebuked journalists in an incorrect interpretation of the results of the referendum on Brexit in 2016. “You guys probably about the same right in this, as in the case of Brexit: do you remember how right you are in this?” said Cummings, who denied that he made a second trip to his family in Durham during isolation, calling the message Daily Mirror “completely false.”

Recall that the British opposition has called on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to dismiss Dominic Cummings for violation of the rules of national isolation during a pandemic COVID-19. The leader of the Scottish national party in the House of Commons Ian Blackford said that Johnson needs to fire Cummings.

“Dominic Cummings had to do the rightsIlion, he had to resign, but now that he did not, Boris Johnson needs to show leadership, and he must immediately remove him from office,” said a prominent Scottish politician, adding that Cummings has created the impression that “there is one rule for the powerful and another for ordinary people.” In the labour party stated that he grossly violated the rules of the lockdown. “The British do not expect that they will have one rule, and Dominic Cummings – another. Downing street, 10 would give a very quick explanation of his actions,” said the labour MP. The liberal Democrats said that if Cummings breaks the rules, he should resign. In this regard, the opposition accuses Downing street of double standards – one “for the elite”, the other for ordinary citizens and foreigners: for example, on Friday, the head of the British interior Ministry has announced that from 8 June, almost all persons entering the country must go on 14-day quarantine. The opposition and many Britons are unhappy that the government is tightening quarantine measures, but in practice individual members of the Cabinet of Ministers violate them.

British police confirmed that its employee contacted father Dominic Cummings Boris Johnson regarding his visit to Durham during a national isolation, said on Saturday the Association of the British press. This information contradicts an earlier statement in Downing street, stating that the police did not come into contact with Cummings or his family members. Father Cummings acknowledged the fact that his son actually came to Durham during isolation.