Magnificent pillars, huge Windows, bright facades and everything in the middle of the centre. If you walk through London, you can stay away at the sight of many city on the spit villas. A number of real estate are not British but are fixed in Russian Hand. And not always the money invested was clean, the non-governmental organization ClampK. She fights against money-laundering of “kleptocrats”, who enrich themselves in Russia, and their wickedly takes expensive homes to target.

The relationship between Moscow and London is contradictory. On the one hand, mutual espionage cases and poison attacks straining on the Kremlin-critic Alexander Litvinenko in London in 2006 or the former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter two years ago, on 4. March 2018, in the South of England, Salisbury is the ratio. On the other hand, the Russians bring a lot of money into the country.

British fear of money laundering and influence of the oligarchs

“The purchase of real estate is also used as a means to wash dirty money”, scolded the member of Parliament Margaret Hodge on a city tour of ClampK. “We want to promote transparency.” But it is skeptical whether the government will keep all its promises, said the MP from the opposition Labour party.

organizations such as ClampK are critical links between oligarchs and high-ranking British politicians. It is not only money laundering, but also to influence. The Russian millionaire Alexander Lebedev bought many years ago, the Newspapers “Independent” and “The Evening Standard”. to oligarchs.

criticism of Boris Johnson because of close relations with Clan

the government has not Yet released is always to a parliamentary report, to Russian influence on the British policy. In the Report, it was also investigated whether there was during the election campaign before the Brexit Referendum in the year 2016, the interference from Russia. Moscow is said to have the biggest interest in the Britain to leave the EU, with the aim of a division to Europe. (Display)

apartments, houses and commercial objects.

here you will Find the right property

Also, Boris Johnson himself is in the cross-fire of criticism due to the close relations of the Lebedev on. After his election as Premier Johnson had appeared in December with his girlfriend at a birthday party of the former KGB spy Lebedev, reported book author Luke Harding on the Tour. “Here,” said the former Moscow correspondent Harding in front of a luxury apartment close to the Regent’s Park. The property Lebedev on son belonged to.

– Rich Russian girl plays with Conservative Tennis and gives you a lot of money

Also a Party of Yevgeny Lebedev in Italy, Johnson had visited the then foreign Minister in Italy. The two have also been – as Johnson was mayor – in a sleeping bag under a bridge in London together on the situation of homeless people’s attention. For Harding, but today is clear: “Johnson is immoral.” Downing Street has not responded to a request first.

Only a few houses further on the Regent’s Park Lyubov Tschernuchina (Chernukhin), which gives the ruling Conservatives a lot of money and lives. Alone for a tennis match with Johnson and the then Prime Minister David Cameron, you have scrolls of 2014, a total of 160,000 pounds hung, said Andrew Foxall of the think tank Henry Jackson Society.

Each month, billions of Russia is deducted

According to the Guardian the former Banker, in the meantime, the British citizenship. In the past seven years, you should have the Conservatives more than 1.6 million pounds of donated. A dinner with the then Prime Minister Theresa May had bought the wife of a former adviser to Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin. Gold, commodities, currencies – the market analysis of the COT Report gives the correct view. (Partner offer) Now 30 days free of charge analysis to read!

The times in which Russians with the Money to show up and the real estate bar to pay, are over self-assessment of oligarchs. Long take advantage of complex networks of Offshore companies and Bank accounts abroad, to wash the sometimes opaque generated money. The outflow of capital from Russia since few years. According to the Russian Central Bank every month, be deducted billions of dollars from Russia. In January alone, there were 7.3 billion dollars.

Russians are buying in the South of France, Cyprus and Austria a

complained to The government that it is not successful to keep the money in the country for investment. Analysts blame the lack of security in Russia is responsible. Who creates the money abroad, you can rely on a functioning legal system. To fighters, the most prominent against corruption in Russia, activist Alexei Navalny is part of. With his Foundation in Moscow, he always goes back to the traces of the Russian money.

he criticized not only politicians and entrepreneurs rake in millions of dollars of uncertain origin and often winding paths abroad transferring. Navalny denounces the “hypocrisy” of governors and members of the government. They were in Russia to the public as a clean patriot. In reality, however, they put their money not only in London, but also in the South of France, in Italy and Cyprus, Austria and Switzerland. With real estate, they secured a nice life away from home.

Russian Opposition calls on West, more precisely,

at the pillory, provided hard – to-wealthy Russians, however, have also to be feared in your home with a well-established bribe culture in all the rules, nothing-as long as they fall at the Kremlin in disgrace. Navalny complained this week that Russian authorities had locked the accounts and money cards to his wife, children and parents. Putin wetze again the knife, he commented on the action.

The Russian Opposition demands that the authorities in the West to look more closely, where the Russian money is coming from. You should step up the fight on suspicion of money laundering. Rachel Davies, Transparency International is “very concerned about the people who come with a lot of money to the UK”. The government have discussed with more transparency. “But it’s still not much has happened.” A lot of space in a little space: How we in the future, FOCUS Online/Glomex will be staying up a Lot of space in a little space: How we in the future

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