The airline British Airways has suspended for security reasons, for a week, all flights to Cairo. “We constantly review our security measures at all our airports around the world and have suspended flights to Cairo as a precautionary measure for seven days, in order to further assessments,” said the Airline on Saturday. The safety of customers and crews enjoy is always the highest priority.

on The Internet, circulating photos of affected passengers, which was, like employees of the Airline expenditure, apparently, a handout with a similar statement to customers.

for security reasons, Lufthansa has for the time being, all flights to Cairo. The company announced on late Saturday night, according to “Focus Online”.

Increased the risk of terror

In the Travel advice of the British foreign Ministry warned Egypt-travel before the increased threat of terrorism while flying. In the past year, an estimated 415’000 Brits visited Egypt.

In his travel, writes the Federal Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA), in Egypt, in spite of the increased security risk of a terrorist attack measures at any time throughout the country was point for Egypt. The close is also the beach resorts with a. The FDFA recalls that repeatedly committed terrorist acts had been, in which tourists were killed or injured. (SDA/kes)