Britain's Prince Charles have recovered from coronavirus and out of isolation mode

Prince Charles Prince Charles
Palácio do Planalto / José Dias/PR

Britain’s Prince Charles, who had previously been diagnosed with the coronavirus after a consultation with the doctor stopped to observe the regime of self-isolation, the BBC reports, citing a statement by the Royal residence of Clarence house.

71-year-old Prince was held in isolation for seven days in a Scottish castle Balmoral. In Clarence house said that Prince Charles feels well and observes the British government imposed restrictions within the framework of the fight against the pandemic of coronavirus.

that the natural heir of the British crown was diagnosed with coronavirus, it became known last week. His wife, 72-year-old Duchess Camilla Chornoliska also tested for the coronavirus, he turned out to be negative. The couple then went to the self-isolation in a castle in Scotland.

In the Clarence house has previously stressed that to establish, from whom Prince Charles had contracted the virus, is impossible, since prior to that, he held a number of meetings with different people. Shortly before Prince Charles had discovered the coronavirus, he met with Prince of Monaco albert II, who later was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Another senior person, which was diagnosed with the disease, became British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “I am now in isolation, but with the help of video conferencing will continue to lead the government as we fight this virus,” said Johnson.