Britain's Finance Minister Sajid Javid has resigned

Sajid Javid has resigned from the post of Minister of Finance of great Britain, reports the BBC.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson conducts reshuffle in the Cabinet of Ministers after the UK’s exit from the European Union last month. Care of Javid was a surprise because it was assumed that he will retain his post.

Javid has resigned, after he refused to dismiss all five of his advisers at the request of Johnson. However, he said that “no self-respecting Minister” cannot accept such a condition, the BBC notes.

Javid had held the post of Minister of Finance of great Britain from July 2019. In March, he had to submit the UK budget, the first after Brexit.

it is Expected that Javid’s job is Rishi Sunak, writes The Guardian.

the 39-year-old Sunak, a former banker at Goldman Sachs, is considered a rising star in the Conservative party. In July he was appointed chief Secretary of the Treasury is the second most important post in the Ministry of Finance.