Britain will need 2.6 billion pounds in wind energy

According to analysts at the renewable energy Aurora to achieve this goal, you need to install 260 wind turbines per year, about one every working day.

the Capacity of offshore wind in the UK is 10 gigawatts, and in the beginning of the last decade, it was only 1 gigawatt. Moreover, contracts for the establishment of wind turbines with a capacity of only 10 gigawatts. Yet to sign contracts for the installation capacity of 20 gigawatts.

In accordance with the contract, increase the capacity to 40 gigawatts will cost an additional 2.6 billion pounds per year, five times more than the current budget.

Martin Anderson, co-author of the report, commented: “According to our analysis, meeting the target of 40 gigawatts will require an increase in the speed of deployment of offshore wind turbines, along with significant investments and agreements for the planning, which should be approved in record time.

the Use of offshore wind has demonstrated a significant reduction in the cost of previous auctions, the impact of higher levels of renewable energy in the system will reduce prices to capture offshore wind and support scheme grants will require additional budget.

If this goal is reached, this will have broad implications for investors in the UK energy system and will involve the government in liberalised electricity markets”.

increase the capacity of offshore wind energy the UK became one of the leading energy policies of the conservatives in the General election in December. Also, it was confirmed in the speech of the Queen.

energy Suppliers have warned that achieving the goal — “it’s not a walk in the Park”. Jim Smith, managing Director of SSE Renewables, said that to achieve the goal must be “cooperation between government, industry and stakeholders… to open the flow of projects.”