UK surpassed Italy in the number registered in the country of deaths among people infected with the novel coronavirus. As reported on Tuesday by Reuters, the United Kingdom came in first place in Europe according to this indicator, with 32 213 deaths, ahead of Italy and behind only the United States.

The Agency’s findings are based on information released Tuesday by the National statistical service of the United Kingdom (ONS) publishes more detailed data than the Ministry of health of the country. According to the ONS figures, by April 24 only in England and Wales died 29 648 people with coronavirus infection or suspected to have it. According to calculations of the Agency, taking into account Scotland and Northern Ireland, the figure would have exceeded 32 thousand deaths.

Scientists In Britain will be the biggest in Europe the number of victims of coronavirus

The Times newspaper, based on data from ONS, said that to date in the country because of the coronavirus died 55,7 thousand people. The publication came to this conclusion by calculating the difference between the total number of deaths recorded in the country since the beginning of the pandemic, and the average mortality rate over the same period of the last five years.

Italian authorities on may 4 announced 29 079 deaths due to the new coronavirus. In the United States this figure has reached nearly 70 thousand people.

According to the official British Ministry of health on may 4, the number of deaths in the Kingdom reached 28.7 thousand, and confirmed cases of infection 190,6 thousand. As stated last week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the peak of the epidemic in the country has already passed and there is still the second phase of the fight against the spread of coronavirus when the part is entered more than a month ago restrictions will be lifted.