Britain out of the EU: Ireland and Scotland is displeased

the European Union suddenly lost 66 million people and 15% of its economy: 23 hours GMT from the EU finally left Britain. Well be her? View. Political priorities do change. For example, in the cartoon from the London Evening Standard newspaper from 1975, among those who then supported the withdrawal from Europe, was the Scottish nationalists. And now, they are to stay.

So the UK left the European Union — the crowd in Central London, the choir was counting the last seconds. The expected reaction of those who gathered that night in the square in front of Parliament. I must admit that not everyone in the UK share these feelings. However Brexit happened. Or, one might say, arrived. Gathered in the square told us that in the life of the country began a new promising phase. Often I have heard the word “freedom”.

“Happiness that finally it happened. We voted and waited three and a half years. The British are a proud people! No one tells us what to do,” said the crowd in the square.

the Idea to celebrate Brexit outside Parliament suggested that one of the main eurosceptics in the country — Farage. “We did it. We changed the face of our country. However, there are people who believe that it is not for us to celebrate. I’ll tell you what we’re celebrating today,” — said the politician.

the British government preferred to do without much fanfare. Johnson organized a private party for close at his residence in Downing street. The building was projected clock. They were counting the remaining minutes until the Brexit. An hour before the historic moment was published a video message from Johnson.

“the Most important thing to say today is that this is not the end but the beginning. This is the moment when dawn broke and the curtain rises for the start of the new act. It might be time for a real national renewal and change", — said the Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson.

the optimism of the Johnson in the UK is not shared by all. The protest was organized in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. They refused to withdraw from the Parliament the flag of the European Union.

“It shows our solidarity with European citizens living with us, because Scotland welcomes them all and shows determination to save the relationship with Europe,” say the Scots.

the Scottish nationalists intend to use a gap with a Unified Europe as an argument in favor of a second referendum on Scottish independence.

Johnson will also solve the problem of Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, and — most importantly — to negotiate a new full-scale agreement with the European Union, and in a very short time — until the end of this year.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron, who made the decision to hold a referendum on Brexit, wished success to Boris Johnson. “I pursued a policy for the preservation of our place in the European Union, but at the same time I took and the results of the referendum. I knew the day of our release will ever come. And, as I said during the vote, we are one of the largest economies in the world, so we can be sure to benefit from made the right choice and succeed. This is exactly what we are going to do. And I wish the government to achieve the highest results to translate these plans into reality,” Cameron said.

the building of the European Parliament in Brussels was launched the British flag. Care UK is an absolute blow to the European Union.

“a British Exit no reason for celebration. We won’t in honor of this release commemorative coins, but we will rejoice in the unity and solidarity shown by our other partners in the European Union. I want to say thank you to all the fellow Europeans,” said Leo Varadkar, the Prime Minister of Ireland.

the Main question now is, how will in the end, built a new relationship between Britain and the EU. It is possible that this intrigue will continue until the end of this year.