Britain officially withdrew from the EU

on Friday, January 31, at 23:00 GMT (02:00 Moscow time) the United Kingdom officially ceased to be part of the European Union, completing which lasted 47 years of membership in the European community.

it was implemented the will of the British people were in favor of Brexit — British exit from the EU at the referendum in 2016 by a margin of 1.3 million votes ( the ratio of votes “for” and “against” was 52 percent versus 48 percent).

After the official release the UK from the European Union entered into force, transition period, which will last until 31 December 2020, reminds TASS. It was agreed in order to avoid turbulence that can cause Brexit. During this period, the United Kingdom and 27 remaining in the European Union countries will continue to coexist so that the UK remains a member of the community. During the transition period the parties intend to agree on all the terms for future coexistence and interaction and, above all, try to negotiate a free trade agreement.

In the event of a British exit from the EU, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, is an ardent supporter of Brexit, staged a Downing street reception in honor of this event. Earlier in his address to the nation he called Brexit “the dawn of a new era” and “a moment of unity for the British,” reports “Interfax”.

Former British Prime Minister Theresa may stated that United Kingdom authorities were able to deliver a British citizen: “After more than three years we can finally say that we have implemented the results of the referendum in 2016 and could deliver a British citizen.”

In turn, howl, the first Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has written to EU leaders a letter in which he expressed regret for Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. She stressed that although Scotland and is located on the edge of Europe, but always was and wanted to stay in the heart of it. As reported, during the referendum 2016 the people of Scotland were mainly against Brexit.

his regret about Brexit said Tony Blair, who served as Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007. “I was against Brexit every cell in your political life. I still deeply regret it as politically, and emotionally. But Brexit happened, and now we need to strive to derive the greatest possible benefit”, — he stressed.