Britain goes to quarantine

the Main task, according to Johnson, is to keep the spread of the disease while the British scientists searching for a cure for Сovid-19. For example, it is assumed to involve the army to support emergency and medical services. Doctors are encouraged to defer at the time of emergency and planned surgery, leaving patients in the waiting list. This assumes that the majority of cases can be treated at home, avoiding contacts with others, as many expected not a critical disease.

Photo: EPA what to prepare For Russian tourists because of the coronavirus

Considered the option of closing schools that parents kept children at home. This proposal generated a number of questions, chief among them: what if the parents work? A clear answer from Johnson yet. But the British are encouraged to work remotely and to postpone public events.

given the sharply increasing burden on the medical staff is preparing the call “reservists” – retired doctors and nurses. In General, the government of Johnson comes from the fact that about one fifth of the adult population of Britain may be on the ballot. Thus feel unwell Brits will never going to work, going to home insulation in good faith. Managers services and businesses is expected at the same understanding a similar situation, without the imposition on staff of any sanctions.

a Somewhat more pessimistic those who intended to directly fight the virus. A recent study showed that 99 percent of respondents 1618 employees of the NHS (National Health Service, NHS) disagreed with the statement the PrimeMinister that British medicine is well prepared for a large-scale outbreak of coronavirus.

Photo: EPA-EFE/ANGELO CARCONI Coronavirus. Chronicle distribution

British doctors said on the shoulders of the NHS and at the time of the absence of the epidemic lay the critical load, while hospitals lack intensive care. According to Dr. Rajnesh Parmar, Chairman of the Association of physicians of the United Kingdom, British doctors do not share the optimism of their Prime Minister.

today in the NHS of England are 10 of thousands of vacant positions for doctors and 43 thousand for nurses. Intensive care not always ready to accept seriously ill patients awaiting mastectomy for Oncology patients.