in March COVID-19 clearly showed how fragile the food supply chain in Britain. The demand for food from the so-called food banks increased then by a record 81 percent. Particularly affected children: products of the charities began to receive as much as 122 percent more young Brits than in March last year.

But now the coronavirus can be added to the divorce from Europe without any transaction, and that the United Kingdom risks to turn into a real food disaster, the MPs warn. According to the Agency Bloomberg, the London imports from the EU almost a third of all its imported food products and are particularly dependent on European vegetables and fruits. However, trade agreements that would satisfy both sides, as there was no and no. And more and more experts are inclined to believe that it likely will not. As writes the Spanish newspaper El Pais, with the London not seen any strong desire to come finally to an agreement with the EU. In addition, Brussels is every day growing conviction that, after Brexit, the British did not become Europe’s privileged and intimate partners. On the contrary, European officials suspect Britain in the intention to become an aggressive competitor of the EU, and therefore not exclude that relations between the two parties could deteriorate even more and the trade between them, in the end, will govern world trade organization rules.

But while negotiations continue, and parliamentarians strongly recommend the British government to appoint a Minister for food security, which would be able to prepare Albion for any outcome. In particular the deputies concerned about the fate of the indigent population – from the unemployed and homeless to schoolchildren from poor families. The future Minister will have to do in the first place.