– What is the most unique you’ll me you back from the easter vacation? It is usually this brilleskiljet your then, says Martin Amble Incubate.

He is innhaldsprodusent for Nasjonalparkriket that is destinasjonsselskap for all Nord-Gudbrandsdalen. They represent the six nasjonalparkane in the gudbrandsdal valley.

This easter will not come tourists to enjoy påskesola. Why have they instead made a photo filter for Instagram, so that you still can post the classic påskebileta.

– If not, people can travel to the easter vacation, so can the easter vacation to get to them. As I heard them say on the après ski, one day, laughing Amble Incubate.

THREE VARIANTS: the Filter has three of the spectacle-distinct-possibilities. Martin Amble Incubate demonstrates here on Instagramkontoen to Nasjonalparkriket.

Photo: Nasjonalparkriket Get hyttepåske yet, in his own municipality Created it itself

Facebook and Instagram have opened for that one can make such image filter even. Martin Amble Incubate tell that they also have to save money about the day, so he put in the time and look at YouTube videos to learn to create the filter yourself.

– There was some “corny” attempt before we came to a toleleg useful brilleskilje, but it always looks a little snålt out anyway, so it is nice, ” he says.

to obtain the originator is called “a pretty naughty brilleskilje”, one can either apply the filter “Brilleskille 2020” in the Instagram app or find it on your profile to Nasjonalparkriket.

Already popular

Amble Incubate tell that they have gained enormously a lot of good feedback from people who have taken it in use. And he has seen it show up in countries like the USA and Sweden also.

– It is not only in Norway, a sit and is a little brakkesjuk no about the day, tell him.

NRK Sport has also adopted the use of the filter:

NRK Sport has taken in use the filter You need javascript to see the video.

NRK Sport has taken in use the filter

Amble Incubate tell that they made the filter for fun’s sake, and to give people who cannot travel to nasjonalparkane in the week of easter, a sort of alternative.

the Filter is in three variants. “Fast eyeglasses-gap”, “skibrille-gap” and the “classic fattern who have slept in the sun-gap.”

And for yet more påskestemning:

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Published by NRK Entertainment Friday 22. February 2019