“There’s nothing like an international Just to back to your perspective on life right now.” In an emotional Interview with “New York Magazine” speaks Renée Zellweger (50) on the long Hollywood break, she had filed in 2010. Reason for their Depression: “I was not healthy and didn’t take care of themselves well enough to me. I stood at the bottom of the list of my own priorities.”

she decided to go for the first Time in her life, in therapeutic treatment: “My therapist has immediately identified that I’ve spent 99 percent of my life as a Person of public life – and only a microscopic proportion as the real me.” The actress no longer wanted to follow a rotation plan. “I just wanted to know two years in advance what I’m going to do. I wanted to me also a couple of accidents. This had to stop once to rest for a while to let new ideas come through.”

The six-years break, a treat

So you followed the advice you got from your colleague, Salma Hayek (53). “You said to me “A Rose blooms throughout the year – except it is made of plastic.” You said that you had to constantly pretend that it is Okay. Because you just go on, otherwise you could miss a creative opportunity.” She decided to make a six-year break. “I have enjoyed a quiet life and was very happy.”

Barely back in the spotlight, has spoken about a possible cosmetic surgery. Zellwegers face looked different than before. The Oscar-winner remains quiet until today. Stresses, however, that the nasty comments have done her a lot of hurt. “It was presented as if I need to change something would have to be able to go back to work. It makes me sad.”

you’ve defined never about her appearance. “My something strange, not normal type was always what got me rolling. Therefore, I had to change me and make me into a specific Schema press. That is not me.”

“Hollywood is not a life style for me”

From the negative headlines they could win in spite of everything, something Positive for yourself. “It has made me once again realize what is really important to me. And all the superficialities shaken off of me, hanging on me still.” Every creative person not afraid of criticism, but the negative comments have made her tough. “Now I know how that feels. I get the hardest Kick.”

Renée Zellweger feeling comfortable in your own skin and you will not regret your decision to have a break inserted. “I am more than ever I myself. And Hollywood is not a life style for me – but only my Job.” Your next Job the role of Hollywood icon Judy Garland (1922-69, “The wizard of Oz”). (ds/paf).