It is the happiest day in the life of every couple: the wedding! You have taken the step and engaged to the eternal love nothing more in the way or?

A long planning phase to come on the Lovers. The wedding ceremony must be prepared, and with her a thousand things. An important part of it: the choice of the bride’s dress! And the only route to real spies run for the bride-to-be. The selection is large and the decision difficult.

eye-catching Sleeves are the absolute Renner

it doesn’t have to be always White, and tulle. Every year there are new Trends in Bridal fashion are emerging. “This year, especially puff sleeves or Statement Sleeves, variable dresses and Classy Look are very much in demand,” explains Rachel Hess (29), owner of the Bridal fashion business, the Hera, in an Interview with LOOK.

Here, the clear leader of this year’s Trends is definitely eye-catching Sleeves. No matter in what Form – the main thing is that you draw attention to yourself! The can be puff sleeves, elaborate ruffles or appliques embroidered Sleeves. “It’s all about the sleeves!”, so Hess.

another Trend: variable models. This means dresses that you can remodel, even several Outfits from it. “This is, for example, a simple slip dress and a fancy Overskirt, you can take off.” This game of ways to create different Looks. Thus, it may be for the Church a large while later for the Party, a shorter skirt is used.

Marry à la Meghan Markle

At the wedding of the last year, we all remember well: In may 2018, Meghan Markle (37) Prince Harry (34) tied the knot. All eyes were on the wedding dress of the actress. The “Suits”Star had opted for a “Givenchy”designer Clare Jet-cellar created Robe. Without a lot of bells and whistles Markle enchanted us – the dress will never be forgotten.

And even today is asked the classic Look, like Hess confirmed: “The Sleek-Dress, Meghan Markle wearing it, in minimalist, but very elegant cut, is very popular.”

the Swiss want to marry Meghan and Harry. Bride-to-be couples to hire for castles, the fight for the prize for the best wedding Location.

Also, pink-coloured dresses are in demand

color technically, designers are focusing more and more on pink and baby blue creations. That will enforce the Blue, but is rather unlikely: “most of The brides stick to the classic White or Ivory. For this you dare, but colored applications.” Pink it was, however, already and. “The demand is not small.”

And in the case of the sections, Drama, or classical music either. “Either you opt for eye-catching ruffles, and creative forms, or you stay with classic cuts like A-line or mermaid,” says Hess. In the shape of a bride’s dress, everything is allowed. The selection of the case very individually, since each woman needs the right cut for your figure.

Capes and the hair, the accessories of the hour,

tires are Who wants to apply in addition to the dress a little more, grabs a Cape. No matter whether with a hood, Sleeves or just made of fine tulle – you are currently very much in demand. “They match pretty much any dress and are a kind of modern veil,” says Hess. Another variant, to adorn his head, also Mature Hair. “They conjure up an extraordinary Look.”

For the most beautiful day in the life of the right Location is important. The selection is huge, but there is a lot to consider in advance, so there are no disappointments. Inspiration and tips from wedding experts.