Lewis Hamilton is still a world title of Michael Schumacher’s record. After the Mercedes driver was in the last year for the sixth Time world champion, he could already draw in 2020 with “Schumi” is the same. Flavio Briatore, Schumacher in 1994 and 1995 led Benetton to its first two titles, however, is of the opinion that it was Hamilton lighter than his former protege.

he recalls: “Michael has fought with the big boys. When Michael came into formula 1] because there was Nigel Mansell, Senna … Today the competition is much lower. […] No one sets Hamilton under pressure.” There is only “two or three drivers” in formula 1 at the moment real Stars. This was to Schumacher’s time is quite different.

On the question of whether Hamilton would make under more pressure error responds to Briatore: “This is all so. If someone was close to Schumacher, then he made mistakes. Fernando [Alonso] also. Each. If [Hamilton] can drive like a taxi driver, then he wins every race. He is a great driver. But it will fall just two Stars in the formula 1: Hamilton and verse.”

On the question of whether Charles Leclerc was a potential Star, responds to the former team boss: “He is still young. But has already shown that he has big balls. If I would have been at Ferrari, then I would have Räikkönen already before two years, replaced him. With Raikkonen you’ll never get anywhere with him, you gain nothing. […] Leclerc is very strong.”

“But Leclerc is not currently take seriously,” limits of the Italians. Therefore, the verse is tap currently the only Pilot in the field, the Hamilton could be dangerous. “Verstappen is for me an incredible driver,” said Briatore, who took at Benetton once Max’s father Jos under the contract. The was however, significantly less talented than his son.

“The Name is the same, but there are two very different drivers. [Max] is sure to be better. I wish I’d had this [Verstappen] in the car,” laughs Briatore and reveals: “I said to his father: ‘Jesus, I wish I’d had your son in the car and not you.'”

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann

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