Fernando Alonso has passed in front of around one and a half years out of formula 1. The two-time world champion drove at the end of November 2018 will be his last race in the Premier class. Officially back he stepped never, he always left a door for a Comeback open. Flavio Briatore believes that his long-time protégé, the stuff would have, once again, at the very top of attack.

“To be 100 percent! He is a Rottweiler,” explained Briatore on demand, whether Alonso would be at a possible Comeback to competitive. “In his last year in formula 1, Fernando was very unhappy,” says Briatore, and adds: “Now he is happy. He enjoys the racing. When I talk to him, then he is always happy and laughing.”

“In his last years in formula 1 the car and the engine were not competitive. He didn’t want to wait any longer, and McLaren was not the best organization in the world,” exercises Briatore criticism of Alonso’s former employers. After his farewell from formula 1, the Spaniard was routes, among other things, successfully in the endurance world championship (WEC) and also took part in the Dakar rally.

Briatore but would not mind to see Alonso again in the Premier class. “I would not see Fernando in a Team in which he is at least 50 percent of the race can win,” the Italian, but also knows: “there are so many [opportunities]. Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull.” And it seems unlikely that Alonso will be in 2021 will come in one of the three Teams.

The two-time Champion also stated that he would no longer have any interest in a Comeback, if he could be competitive. And because of the new regulations has been postponed in the Wake of the corona crisis from 2021 to 2022, is expected to change in the coming year, and has nothing to do in formula 1 currently, a maximum of three victory-eligible Teams.

This article was written by Ruben Zimmermann

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