Brian may has accused meat eaters in pandemic COVID 19

The guitarist of Queen Brian may said that pandemic coronavirus to blame meat eaters, and in response, nature has put humanity to its knees.

British musician believes that the pandemic will make people more careful with nature and to reconsider their attitude to meat, after the information about the virus on the market Wuhan from eating the meat of exotic animals. He noted that veganism is the future of mankind.

This is the main problem, the pandemic is, apparently, came from people who eat animals, and is becoming more known that eating animals is not the most important thing for our health, — cited the words of the musician on the portal NME.

He also added that only recently was able to give up meat.

I participated in a Vegan Challenge (Vegan Challenge) in January (2020 — and for three months I am vegan. For me it was an experiment, because for a long time I was an activist against animals, but could not give up meat and from time to time I was eating it, — said the musician.

Wrote earlier, British musician, one of the founders of the Beatles, Paul McCartney condemned the Chinese markets and eating bats. He noticed that these dietary habits reminiscent of the Middle ages.